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Just had a horrible, horrible, horrible experience with them yesterday! I wish I had checked reviews earlier.

I got their number by Decor's customer service, and didn't even think about shopping around. I asked for fixing 2 out of 5 of my burners. And the guy came and inspected and suggested me replacing some Ignitor parts for all 5 burners, to avoid future service. The difference between replacing 2 and 5 they quoted for me is about $100+, so I said ok over the phone. However it turns out the quote they gave me doesn't include the parts for the other 3 burners. This might be some misunderstanding over the phone, but worse thing is coming next. The second time the guy came with some parts and didn't solve the problem of the burner I was originally called for. The guy said the whole burner needs to be replaced, so more parts need to be ordered. I talked to the lady over the phone a few times to address my concern about more parts putting in without fixing the main issue. The lady was absolutely rude and said if I don't want to pay for their service then don't waste any more of their time. What kind of customer service is that! And I just want my 2 original burners got fixed and be done with them. Yesterday, the guy came with the new burner and "fixed" one problem burner and said i didn't ask them to fix the other burner. When I tried to remind him our conversation about the other burner on the first day, he jumped up and said I kept changing and playing game with them, he could take out all the parts he put in and leave, or I pay the money now, or he's going to call police!

Even thinking about this, make me want to cry. I've never been treated this way in my whole life! And this is in my own house! I trusted the service people associated with manufactures over others, this one is totally disappointing. I ended up paying $800 fixed one burner, and some ignition lights that I didn't even ask to replace. And I'm going to call Decor to complain. Although I don't know if that would make any difference or not, reading so many bad reviews, as long as they are still partnering with manufactures, there are always people like me end up calling them without first looking for reviews. I've learned my lesson today, I'll remember that - always check reviews!!!

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